Prayer Rhythms

Fall is the perfect time to unplug for a few days. My annual trip up north to visit my dad gives me the space to slow down and rest. There is something about being in a new location with a different rhythm of life. I love that the internet service is slow and the tv …

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Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Wrapped in a hoodie, my hands tucked in the sleeves, I am surprised by fall this year. The cooler air, the muted greens and yellows of the leaves and the morning wind, all reminders the season is changing. I’ve enjoyed the summer on the lake. Waterskiing, sunset cruises, and gatherings with family and friends. Each a …

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Leaves rustle, twisting and turning in the breeze as the forest branches sway, making a symphony of music. Along the path, fluttering through the air, rising and falling with the breeze, a small yellow butterfly searches for a place to land. The sunlight enhances its bright yellow hues. Though smaller than the nail of my …

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This is the day the Lord has made.We will rejoice and be glad in it.Psalm 118:24 Walking up from the water, my face lights up, I’ve come upon an unexpected surprise. A lovely bunch of daisies have sprouted up and bloomed in our perennial garden. They were not there last year. I have no idea …

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Source of Joy

Over the last few years, as I was going through dialysis and waiting for my kidney transplant, people often remarked on my joyful spirit. I explained my joy was part of the way God wired me and I have always tended to approach life with a joyful spirit. I shared how God was sustaining me …

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Strong Foundations

15 tons of gravel have been brought in by bobcat, scoop by scoop, carefully laid, 2” at a time to create a secure foundation for an 18” retaining wall. Added is a large spool of geo grid to help secure the wall being built. This wall supports the patio which will be laid on top, …

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Hope and Renewal

Slowly my eyes open as my brain awakens to the celebration songs of spring. A sweet chirping, a calling back and forth, announcing their return, the birds welcome one another back. Opening the curtains, I’m amazed to see the ice no longer has its grip on the lake. Could it be, is it too early …

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In Step With God

Brisk air fills our lungs, refreshing, invigorating. Walking hand in hand, our pace increases, our walking rhythm matching one another. Deep ruts invade the path before us, evidence of the work being done in the forest. We separate, avoiding the deep ruts, our pace slows as we climb to the summit. As the terrain levels, …

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Hope in the Midst of Restlessness

I am a pacer. I pace when I’m bored, when I’m restless, and when I’m anxious. I don’t know why I choose to pace, it rarely solves the underlying cause. In fact, what usually happens, my emotions begin to rise and fall with the ever increasing pace of my heartbeat, and as my emotions rise, …

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Experience Transformation and Thrive

Experience Transformation and Thrive

We are more than halfway through January, and my “goals” haven’t quite come together as I’d hoped. How about you? My plans weren’t necessarily resolutions but a desire to make conscious choices in my life. Some are professional, and others relate to my personal life. Resolutions surround us in January, and it feels good to …

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Finding Peace in the Love of Jesus at Christmas

Baking Christmas cookies, worship music plays in the background. The words are a balm to my soul as I enjoy time with the Lord. Mixing the ingredients to make those sweet treats to bless my family, I’m grateful for this moment with God. I experience peace in my soul as I take a deep breath …

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Grateful to be Forever Worthy in His Eyes

Thanksgiving Day is full of traditions. Family and friends gather for turkey or ham. There are discussions of whether it is a yam or a sweet potato. Do you watch football or parades? Dress fancy or casual? Large or intimate gatherings? It is also a day where we have an opportunity to express our gratefulness …

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