Soul Care Part 2: Observation

Soul Care Part 2: Observation

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Soul Care Part 2: Observation

In my first installment, I shared there is POWER in praying as we care for our soul in the presence of Jesus. If you missed the post, read it HEREThis week’s focus is on how soul care involves the power of observation and our behavioral patterns.

I’m amazed that after following Jesus for almost 20 years, I still fall back into old patterns of behavior. When I become stressed, anxious, or experience challenges in my life, my soul care often flies out the window. I get the munchies, I over analyze every choice, or even withdraw inside myself. Instead of praying or thinking about what’s driving my behavior, my mind goes into overdrive as I try and control the situation around me. When I eventually realize my behavior is unhealthy and unproductive, I don’t offer myself much grace. I feel like Paul when he says he decides to act one way, then acts another. (Romans 7:15 MSG)

I’m grateful God is gracious with me. As I’ve grown in my faith, He continues to patiently show me the importance of daily spiritual practices to help me stay connected to Him. By talking with Him and worshipping Him, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can observe patterns of behaviors that are not in line with loving and caring for myself.

Friends, to consciously observe what drives our behaviors is mentally taxing work. But the payoff is worth the effort. And when we lay those behaviors before Jesus, the Holy Spirit helps us become more aware of behaviors that affect our soul.

By finding a combination of spiritual practices we can weave into our daily fabric of life, our relationship with Jesus grows. As we spend time with Him, through prayer and worship, we begin to know and trust Him more fully.

Creating spiritual practices that fit into your daily life is possible with the help of Jesus. Start by laying your typical day before the Lord and asking Him to help you find 15 minutes for worship. This will look different for each of you, there is no right way. Give yourself some grace.

As you pray over the next few days, ask for the Holy Spirit’s help in observing patterns and rhythms in your life that are not in line with caring for your soul. Is He asking you to put some things aside, get up earlier, or sit with Him before you turn out the light at night? Continue to pray and see what He reveals.

Spiritual practices look different for each of us. Here are some I use:

  • Solitude with Jesus
  • Praising through worship music
  • Praying out loud or using a prayer app
  • Reading/listening to your Bible
  • Journaling
  • Bible study or Bible reading plan
  • Walking in nature

The choices are as unique as you. The key, pray, listen, and observe. What best fits your uniqueness and which combination of practices fit this season of your life? I pray the Holy Spirit reveals what your best fit and that your heart warms to the idea of change.

As we care for our soul, savoring the peace and clarity He provides, our awareness of His presence is heightened, and we become more attuned to His beautiful voice.

Lord Jesus, increase my desire for prayer. Help me observe my patterns of behavior that draw me away from you and from caring for my soul. My desire is for a consistent prayer life. Lord, I am willing to change my rhythm of life, so I am more in tune with you. Reveal how I can better care for my soul. I trust you will give me the strength to change. As I daily abide in you, renew my soul, and open my mind to hear you more clearly. I love you Jesus.

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Our community would be blessed if you’d share in the comments your favorite spiritual practice.

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4 thoughts on “Soul Care Part 2: Observation”

  1. I have observed that I have become more of an audio learner over the years. I found a daily audio Bible app to help me read through the Bible in a year. I love it! It helps me focus in the mornings.

    1. Mary, I love how God helps us become more aware of the best way we receive and learn from Him. I too appreciate my time with Him in the mornings before my day gets too busy.

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