The Wow and The Spectacular

Have you ever been walking along and you get that beautiful smell of Lilacs in the wind?  Strong and fragrant, the fragrance wows the senses and often stops me in my tracks.  Now take an Orchid, they don’t normally wow you with their fragrance, but they are visually spectacular.  All those beautiful branches with flowers […]

God’s Providence and My Act of Surrender

I have been amazed over the last few days at how the pieces of the puzzle for my treatment plan have begun falling into place.  It has been an eye-opening experience for me in walking by faith and learning to release even the smallest details to God.   We have experienced God’s providential hand in […]

Gratefulness and Prayer

Welcome to Spring!!!  Oh my, I can’t believe the lovely weather we have been blessed with here in northern Illinois.  IT is glorious.  The trees are blooming, the birds are singing and the animals are frisky.  All around me I see evidence of God’s handiwork and I am simply grateful.   Let them praise the […]

Deep Rivers

When this journey began, it seemed as if we’d never get a grasp on what was before us.  It all seemed so overwhelming with too much information to handle.  The river to wide and to deep to cross with the information we had.  We’ve had to take the time to learn new terminology and to […]

God at Work

Good Morning dear friends, I thought we’d give you a quick update on our progress for a second opinion. God is so good to have gone before us and cleared the way to make this happen so quickly. After a phone call on Monday to the Mayo Clinic to see if they would be interested […]

Light in the Darkness

What a ride we’ve been on the last few weeks,  we feel like we’ve been on a roller coaster with our emotions. You know when your stomach drops and you just feel like puking….. but, no surprise, God is good.  He brings clarity and light in our daily life, even if it is chaotic, and […]


I have to say, sometimes God surprises me.  He never ceases to amaze me with the timing of these surprises.  Last week I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of new information I was learning and just couldn’t “see” through the information any longer.  I couldn’t even seem to focus on the day […]

Resting in His Hands

What a ride we have been on since late December, it’s hard to believe we are in mid March already.  Though the time has been flying by, it has at times felt like it has been dragging, crawling, at the speed of a turtle, ever so slowly.  I am sure many of you can relate […]

A Season of Hope

Life can be tumultuous at times. We all experience struggles of one kind or another in out lives and can easily get bogged down by focusing on our problems.  Whether you are experiencing a medical illness, a financial challenge, a marital struggle, or another type of challenge in your life, I have come to realize […]

A Journey of Surrender

From Striving to Surrender: A Journey of Faith, Healing, and Transformation

This month, I share June’s story of transformation. God often uses challenging circumstances in our lives to move us from a life of striving to a life of surrender and dependence upon Him. It tends to be a painful process, but one the Lord uses to draw us closer to Him and transform us into […]

John 15 - Abide in Me

2024 March Newsletter: Abide in Jesus and Receive Abundant Fruit

A vinedresser takes great care in pruning the vine. He wants them to produce lush, fragrant, vibrant-tasting fruit that yields the greatest or most abundant harvest. He is looking for something other than the quantity of fruit. In the case of grapevines, He desires superior grapes that will produce an aromatic bouquet that tastes luscious […]

Relinquish and Rest

Relinquishing Control: Embracing God’s Call to Rest

The Call to Relinquish Control In case you missed it, my retina tore last month, and I needed to step back from writing to allow for healing. (Learn more) In the stepping back, I’ve struggled. Surrender is hard for me. I have never been good at slowing down and changing my plans. And embracing rest, […]


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