I love to spend the mornings out on our deck enjoying the sunrise, the birds, and time with Jesus. I am filled with joy each morning as I sit outside watching the birds eat from my feeders. To hear them singing and to see the sun rise up over the houses is a constant reminder …

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I awoke this morning feeling incredibly blessed by God. The amazing fact that I am His child has filled me with a new-found sense of peace and joy. To be so loved, so cared for and valued in His eyes can bring me to tears some days. Our God is a faithful God, through the …

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Fixing my Eyes on My Savior

I love to go for walks.  Everyday I relish the early morning hours to go outside to walk, pray, and listen to God.  Lately I’ve caught myself looking down at the pavement instead of looking up where I am going.  As I am looking down, my mind begins to wander to my circumstances instead of …

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The Pleasure of His Presence

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to write just for the sheer pleasure of the writing. To share my love of Christ with all of you, my friends, as we walk with the Lord. Over the last few months, I found that my “weariness” had taken a hold of me in a way …

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The Wow and The Spectacular

Have you ever been walking along and you get that beautiful smell of Lilacs in the wind?  Strong and fragrant, the fragrance wows the senses and often stops me in my tracks.  Now take an Orchid, they don’t normally wow you with their fragrance, but they are visually spectacular.  All those beautiful branches with flowers …

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God’s Providence and My Act of Surrender

I have been amazed over the last few days at how the pieces of the puzzle for my treatment plan have begun falling into place.  It has been an eye-opening experience for me in walking by faith and learning to release even the smallest details to God.   We have experienced God’s providential hand in …

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Gratefulness and Prayer

Welcome to Spring!!!  Oh my, I can’t believe the lovely weather we have been blessed with here in northern Illinois.  IT is glorious.  The trees are blooming, the birds are singing and the animals are frisky.  All around me I see evidence of God’s handiwork and I am simply grateful.   Let them praise the …

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Deep Rivers

When this journey began, it seemed as if we’d never get a grasp on what was before us.  It all seemed so overwhelming with too much information to handle.  The river to wide and to deep to cross with the information we had.  We’ve had to take the time to learn new terminology and to …

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God at Work

Good Morning dear friends, I thought we’d give you a quick update on our progress for a second opinion. God is so good to have gone before us and cleared the way to make this happen so quickly. After a phone call on Monday to the Mayo Clinic to see if they would be interested …

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Releasing Perfect and Accepting Peace

Releasing Perfect and Accepting Peace

The Desire for Peace Instead of Perfect It’s here! The holiday season and the world has begun the frantic pace of black Friday sales. There is pressure to prepare and perfect our holiday gatherings. The world seeks to draw our minds away from peace and contentment in Jesus. With the temperatures above average in Northern …

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Celebrating Faithfulness

Celebrating 10 Years of God’s Faithfulness

I have reached a significant milestone this month and thought it was worth celebrating! Ten years of God’s faithful provisions to guide and equip me in this writing life. Did you know I wrote my first-ever piece on a blog in October ten years ago? How fast time goes by when you’re on the journey. …

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Awe and Wonder

Living with Awe and Wonder: Recognizing God’s Love

Awe and Wonder God loves to surprise us. To leave us awestruck and speechless. He is a God who takes our breath away. It happens in an instant this awe and wonder. He catches our attention in striking, bold ways and the subtlest of quiet moments. From the visual array of burnt oranges in the …

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