Wrapped in Love

As a follower of Jesus, we have within us the capacity to act in ways we would never be able to act on our own. When we accept Christ into our lives, the Holy Spirit fills us with the Fruit of the Spirit. We are filled with the ability to act with love, peace, joy, …

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Time and rest.  It does wonders for healing, improves our energy, can lift our spirits.  It takes time to heal, be renewed, and restored to full strength and in that time we have a great opportunity to see God at work. To see Him at work in times of healing and rest,  we need to …

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Worship The King

As I write this I am still in the hospital waiting to be sprung. My surgery is complete. I have begun dialysis and I’m ready to go home. I am grateful to my Lord and King for providing for me thus far. All praise and worship goes to Him alone.  My goodness, I never anticipated that …

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Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the big day. My kidney will be removed placing me on dialysis until I am eligible for a transplant. What a ride it has been. I have seen God’s hand at work in so many ways through the last 8 months.   He’s given me so many of you who have encouraged me …

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Walking into the Unknown

I have been moved over the last few days by the song “Hills and Valleys” by Tauren Wells.  This song really seems to fit my current mood. I am learning I need to continually lean into the Lord, especially now that we are only 1 week from my surgery. I need this constant reminder that …

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I love to spend the mornings out on our deck enjoying the sunrise, the birds, and time with Jesus. I am filled with joy each morning as I sit outside watching the birds eat from my feeders. To hear them singing and to see the sun rise up over the houses is a constant reminder …

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I awoke this morning feeling incredibly blessed by God. The amazing fact that I am His child has filled me with a new-found sense of peace and joy. To be so loved, so cared for and valued in His eyes can bring me to tears some days. Our God is a faithful God, through the …

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Fixing my Eyes on My Savior

I love to go for walks.  Everyday I relish the early morning hours to go outside to walk, pray, and listen to God.  Lately I’ve caught myself looking down at the pavement instead of looking up where I am going.  As I am looking down, my mind begins to wander to my circumstances instead of …

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The Pleasure of His Presence

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to write just for the sheer pleasure of the writing. To share my love of Christ with all of you, my friends, as we walk with the Lord. Over the last few months, I found that my “weariness” had taken a hold of me in a way …

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My Chosen Beloved

The music changes. Heads turn as we stand to welcome her into the room. Adorned in white her beauty brings forth fresh tears to the eyes of her beloved. With dewy eyes, she glances down the aisle at her chosen. Their eyes see only one another as she’s ushered down the aisle. The excitement swells …

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Switching Gears

Summer is beginning its surrender to Autumn. Creation is switching gears. Nightfall’s display of bold hues across the lake is earlier as the sunset migrates west across the sky. Dawn breaks later and the morning darkness causes me to burrow deeper under the covers. I am not planning on surrendering my summer days yet, but …

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Mistaken Identity

As I rounded a corner on my walk and glanced into a grove of small trees, my eyes opened wide as quickly took a breath. My heart beating rapidly, I stealthily crept closer. Quickly snapping a picture, I texted multiple friends with the declaration… Look what I saw on my walk! A baby owl!! My …

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