Bright and windy. The wind chimes are twinkling furiously and the musical songs of the birds in the field relax my soul.  Joyful sounds on an early fall day that stirs a passion within me to get outdoors and to be in God’s creation. To soak up the warmth, observe the changes in nature and …

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Identity Theft

Last month, exasperation had gotten us worked up.  We had an issue with identity theft last month that has us questioning how it happened and wondering if more attempts to steal from us will occur in the future.   The challenge is to track down and notify the appropriate agencies in the hopes of shutting …

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Morning is my sacred time with Jesus. I sit outside, coffee in hand with my bible, my journal and a devotional.  I spend this time with God sharing what is on my heart, releasing the fears of the day, being encouraged by His Word and simply being quiet in His presence. This daily ritual centers …

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Chosen and Loved

This week I have been reflecting on the goodness of God.  I have had a week of great test results, my bladder is cancer free, what a relief, my other medical tests have also come back with good news.  I feel so blessed, not because of the good news, although that increases the joy, but …

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Rest and Play

When was the last time you simply relaxed, staring off into space?  Or how about played-doing something silly that made you laugh until tears were streaming down your face? We all need time to rest and replenish, to remember what it was like to be a kid, to savor the moment of pleasure and joy that …

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Wedding Bells

Friday night was a glorious evening. Two dear friends became one in marriage.  After months of preparation, they welcomed one another into the rest of each other’s lives.  They will share the good times and bad, the struggles and the joys, they will share themselves with one another, their whole selves.  They will love, honor …

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Life in the Middle

We are created uniquely by God and He has a purpose for our lives. I know it might not feel like it some days when we are in the middle of diapers, kids homework, shuttling children, cleaning house, and or going to work everyday, but God has a plan for your life. In this season, …

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Turning Disappointment into Delight

We’ve all experienced disappointment before.  We’re going along in life and then something doesn’t quite go the way we expected. How we process this disappointment can definitely be a life changing experience.  Will we react in anger, give up, or persevere forward?  Will the disappointment stall us and hold us back, or will we look …

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Spring Challenges

Spring has sprung, there’s promise in the air, can you smell it? Can you sense it? New beginnings, opportunities and fresh starts. Take a moment and pause, breathe deeply, exhale…..what is on your heart today dear friend, what are you hoping and praying the change of season will bring to your life? Winter can be …

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Generational Legacies

Two years ago, two lives were changed. Two lives forever connected and impacted by the Lord’s faithfulness. A gift was sacrificially given. A personal and family sacrifice so a fuller life could be lived. Multiple families have been impacted as stories of the Lord’s faithfulness are shared. Legacies being built one story at a time.  June 16 …

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Spiritual Trainer

My walks are one thing I do that helps me stay mindful in my daily life and is great training for my physical body. I also use this time to talk with Jesus as He helps me focus on what’s important. He’s my morning spiritual trainer. Lately, there’s been a hiccup in my routine. My …

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Surrendered Rest

Opening her front door, her breath catches as a soft glow of oranges and reds paints the sky. Closing her eyes, she lifts her face to the sun, inhales and puts one foot in front of the other. Her mind needs to rest. Her morning walk is the only time of the day that is …

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