I watch with amazement as the squirrel extends its reach as if it is being pulled from both legs, stretched out to its full capacity, reaching for the suet in the bird feeder, barely grasping it with one little foot. Its desire for a meal far outweighing its fear of falling. Its primal instinct, deep […]

Anchored to Jesus

I don’t know about you, but I am finding the current time of social distancing and the ever changing status of the pandemic a little disconcerting. Some days it plays with my mental health and other days it doesn’t bother me at all and I am content at home in my little bubble. I see […]

Abundance in the Waiting

God is present as we wait. As we wait for a pandemic to cease and a cure to be found, as we wait for Him to answer specific prayers, as we wait to be able to see friends, as we wait _______, you fill in the blank, what are you waiting on God to do […]

A New Day

It’s a new day and as I sit here with my coffee, my mind is blown away by this gift I’ve been given. Tears stream down my face as I marvel at the way God has orchestrated his plan and allowed for me to be blessed by His immense love and the love of another […]

The Sustaining Power of Jesus

Words and thoughts fill my mind, stacking up like a deck of cards. So many words, so many thoughts over the last few days I feel as if I can’t sort them out. Like a clog in a drain, the clog needs to be released to let the words flow freely from my heart. My […]

God is With Us!

The rain reflects my mood this day, somber. The rain is gently coming down outside my window, but the air is calm, there are no ripples on the lake from wind, all appears calm. I don’t really have a name for what my heart is feeling during this time of uncertainty. The calm of the […]

God is Faithful

It has been a very long time since I’ve written anything on my blog. Life has been challenging lately with my health and I have not had the emotional energy to write. My journey has taken more emotional and physical energy than I realized, leaving me sapped of strength physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of […]

Infused by God

Birds singing, trees budding, tulips brightly colored have begun to dot yards throughout the neighborhood. All the rain nourishing the ground, allowing for life to take hold again and flourish. Our thoughts turn to new beginnings, fresh starts and there is often a spring in our steps as we anticipate the warmer weather, the longer […]


What are you holding on to that you need to release to God?  Deep down in your soul, what causes you angst?  Is it something you cannot change, maybe it’s an addiction, a sadness, or a loss.  Or maybe it’s a feeling of being lost and alone.   We all carry things deep in our […]

John 15 - Abide in Me

2024 March Newsletter: Abide in Jesus and Receive Abundant Fruit

A vinedresser takes great care in pruning the vine. He wants them to produce lush, fragrant, vibrant-tasting fruit that yields the greatest or most abundant harvest. He is looking for something other than the quantity of fruit. In the case of grapevines, He desires superior grapes that will produce an aromatic bouquet that tastes luscious […]

Relinquish and Rest

Relinquishing Control: Embracing God’s Call to Rest

The Call to Relinquish Control In case you missed it, my retina tore last month, and I needed to step back from writing to allow for healing. (Learn more) In the stepping back, I’ve struggled. Surrender is hard for me. I have never been good at slowing down and changing my plans. And embracing rest, […]

God Sustains

Beyond the Crash: Experiencing God’s Sustaining Power to Persevere

This month, I share how God’s sustaining power helped Brenda Beigl through a horrific crash. Brenda attends my church, and as I’ve watched her recovery after her accident, I’ve seen her persevere through many challenges and push through the pain from her accident. Her ability to persevere is a direct result of her relationship with […]


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