Soul Care Part 5: Renewal

Soul Care Part 5: Renewal

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Soul Care Part 5: Renewal

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season and I’m amazed by God’s timing. This is our final week on my soul care series and a perfect recap to end on as we begin preparing our hearts for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

Last week I shared there is Power in expecting Jesus’ provision for strength to change. Today we’ll culminate with how Jesus renews our soul when we spend time with Him through spiritual practices.

Close your eyes and imagine what renewal looks like. My first thoughts are of peace, refreshment, and joy. Going deeper, I imagine my body relaxing as contentment washes over me. I feel alive, satisfied, and cared for. I am flourishing.

We all desire a flourishing life. We want to feel alive physically and spiritually. Deep down we’re looking for contentment, but it often seems out of reach. The world’s perspective of contentment is appearance, status, finances, etc. However, Jesus teaches the true source of contentment is only found through a relationship with Him.

Spending time with Jesus fills our mind with a heavenly perspective and reaffirms our identity is found in Him alone.

All month we’ve been talking about the POWER of caring for our soul. To truly care for the soul, we must spend time with Jesus. Caring for our physical bodies is important, but a healthy soul is what fuels the decisions we make and the perspective we have of the world around us. Just as food nourishes our physical body, God has given us spiritual practices for nourishing our soul.

Here are a few options you can try:

  • Use a Bible reading plan (The YouVersion Bible App has many.)
  • Be courageous and join a community of believers and study God’s Word together.
  • Reach out to a Christian friend and see if they’d join you to talk about faith and their spiritual practices.

Spending time in the presence of Jesus is how He renews our soul.

As you weave spiritual practices into your daily life, your mind becomes more attuned to His voice. As you’re listening, He will bring you a clearer understanding of your identity and renew your spirit as you see yourself through the eyes of your Savior. The more you know Him, the more you recognize His presence in your life.

As Lent begins, I pray you’ll create some space for reflection on your relationship with Jesus. What spiritual practices might He be asking you to engage in as you grow in your faith?

For me, I feel Jesus is asking me to take a pause from writing in March so I can spend some dedicated time in prayer. During my time off, I will be seeking His direction for my next steps. I hope you’ll keep me in your prayers. I will also be caring for my soul as I enjoy Spring, spend time with family and friends, and make a drive up north to visit my dad.

My dear friends, we are not meant to walk with Jesus on our own. We need a community around us to encourage and spur one another on in our faith. Together, we can help reaffirm our identity in Christ. see how others walk with Jesus, hear new perspectives, ask questions, and pray for one another.

Lord Jesus, increase my desire to pray. Help me observe my patterns of behavior that draw me away from you and from caring for my soul. My desire is for a consistent prayer life. Lord, I am willing to change my rhythm of life, so I am more in tune with you. Reveal how I can better care for my soul. I trust you will give me the strength to change. As I daily abide in you, renew my soul, and open my mind to hear you more clearly.

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